We understand that no one injury is the same 

Tri-City Physio offers a variety of treatment options

customized to your unique needs

so you can get back to better 

*please note all appointments are one-on-one*


With extensive post-secondary education offered by the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), we are trained to provide ‘hands on’ joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation techniques.

The techniques used, depend on your condition and treatments are always personalized. Manual physiotherapy techniques along with exercise and corrective movements, have been proven to be an essential part of a comprehensive and effective physiotherapy treatment plan. 


We understand the interrelationship of the physiology and anatomy of the human body and use evidence-based research to develop programs to get you back on track, maintain fitness, and perform at your optimal level.

By focusing on prevention and general well-being, we can reduce time lost from injuries and accidents and help you get back at it, whatever your 'it' may be. 

active rehabilitation

Designed to address lingering pain and weakness from injury, active rehabilitation programs are designed to build strength, correct imbalances, and help you return to your pre-injury lifestyle.

In order for clients to respond well to active rehabilitation, they should be far enough along in their recovery process that they are no longer experiencing acute pain.

intramuscular stimulation (IMS or dry needling)

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is an effective treatment for chronic pain of 

neuropathic origin. This technique uses needles similar to the needles

used in acupuncture to find and diagnose muscle shortening in deep

muscles. This technique is beneficial as it has very limited side-effects.

Although IMS uses implements adapted from traditional acupuncture,

it is based on scientific, neurophysiological principles. The needles used are very thin

and are often not felt penetrating the skin. When put to practice the sensation is 

akin to a muscle cramp or Charlie Horse. This distinctive type of discomfort

is caused by the muscle grasping the needles. This is know as positive pain because once it 

disappears it is followed by a wonderful feeling of relief, where the muscle is no longer tight. 

concussion management


Trained under the Shift Concussion Management™ network, we are well versed with individualized and effective concussion management strategies to individuals of all ages suffering from concussion and mild traumatic brain injury.

We assess and manage each patient in order to tailor rehabilitative strategies to the individual needs of each person. We emphasize testing protocols that provide objective data from many different areas of performance and function to aid in the development of individualized treatment plans.